Annecto Telecom

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    Annecto opens UK Operations

    We have recently opened new UK offices in London to accommodate our growing workforce. Due to the success of our Wholesale, Retail & Mobile business we have recruited more people and increased our office space.

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    Open to all forms of communication

    Whether you want to Call us, Email us or send us a Fax, we are always here for our clients. We believe listening to our customer is more important than selling to them.

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    A Meeting of great minds

    Come and sit down with us to discuss the oppourtunities Annecto have to offer. Whether you require a Boardroom meeting or a casual discussion, over a pint, we make sure the meeting end in a WIN-WIN scenario.

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    We don't care how you get here,get here if you can.

    Our new Head Office is centrally located making it easy for you to visit us. Drive in the comfort of your own car, take public transport or fly, getting to us is simple.

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