Annecto Telecom

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    Niche, Community and Nationwide MVNO Services

    Whether you want to service your clients, your community or provide a nationwide MVNO offering, we provide tailored solutions to make you successful.

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    Manage your customers and thier needs!

    Our state of the art systems have been developed to make sure you have everything to meet your customers expectations.

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    More Value Added Services for Customer Retention

    Providing just voice services is no longer a viable MVNO model. We give you access to services that add value to your proporsition.

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    Finding the right Partner for your MVNO business is key!

    Choosing the right partner for your Mobile business is very important to your success. Make sure your decision is the right one.



Annecto offer full MVNE services to companies looking to setup a UK & ROI MVNO offering. With the ability to facilitate niche, international and brand MVNO's, we offer a full end to end managed service to our clients. Enter the Mobile game



Managaing your subscriber base is essential to reduce churn and maximise profit. With our unique backend systems we can create bundles, offers and reports on the fly to get the most out of your MVNO offering. See how we can help


Exclusive VAS

We pride ourselves on the unique Value Added Services we offer to our clients. From exclusive mobile content delivery systems to linked pre-paid mastercards we have a solution to differentiate you from the others. More for your MVNO

Enter the Mobile indusrty with a unique partner

Finding the right partner for your mobile offering is the key to a successful MVNO. With our expertise and knowledge of the UK & ROI MVNO industry, we can honestly say, we know how to launch a successful MVNO business. Our consultants provide valuable insights into mobile customer habits, spend and barriers to market that are only learnt from experience. With 7 live MVNO's we are proud to say all our MVNO's are still increasing their subscriber base.

Many MVNE's will offer you a license to setup your MVNO business but the contract is the easy part. The hard part is the creation of a brand, its offering and the systems to manage your subscribers. With Annecto you get all of this as standard plus access to loads of Value Added Services to help you retain your customer base.

Get more from your MVNE

Some examples of what to expect from Annecto as your MVNE

  • Managed end-to-end service
  • Full backend subscriber management
  • Customer Portal for Billing and account information
  • Cheapest Data offering in the market
  • SMS offers to compete with the MNO's
  • Quality A-Z termination where required
  • Retail Top Up Solutions
  • Brand Management, Design and Printing
  • Detailed Traffic & Customer Reporting

Subscriber Management is Key!

How you manage your subscribers will determine if your MVNO will be successful or not. Having the ability to make changes on the fly is a requirement to keep your customers happy. Whether it is the creation of new bundles, customer services operations or bulk changes, our system provides you with the functionality you will need.

Keeping your Customers Happy

What you need to retain your customer base

  • Real-Time access to subscriber information
  • Flexible Bundle/Offer creation tools
  • Customised reports and figures
  • Online customer portal with account information and extra services
  • Easy Rate Management process
  • Customized multi lingual IVR platform
  • Multi Level SIM Distribution Management
  • Ability to control SIM Services
  • Production of complex Pricing & Sales Models

Value Added Services for MVNO's

Many people have launched MVNO's in the UK but most of these have failed. We believe this is down to a "me too" attitude towards their offering and strategy. At Annecto we know that providing customers with what they want and then some more, is the way forward in the MVNO industry. You need something to differentiate your offering from the rest. Our Value Added Services do just that.

Differnetitate your Mobile offering

See how our Value Added Services can give you the edge over other MVNO's

  • Exclusive advert funded content portal just for your customers
  • Access to the 3rd largest manufacturer of Mobile Phones in the world
  • Pre-Paid MasterCard offerings
  • Top Up Solutions and Vouchers
  • International Number Translation Systems
  • Mobile SIP Services & Clients
  • UK Distribution Expertise
  • SIM Packaging Solutions