Annecto Telecom

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    Technology Experts who Innovate

    At Annecto our technical team is dedicated to finding and implementing new technologies to improve existing business processes. This constant drive towards technical excellence is what differentiates us from the rest.

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    Software Development that fits exactly

    Our Software development team understand the telecoms arena and therefore utilise industry knowledge to develop bespoke software to suit your exact needs.

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    Consultancy to drive business forward

    We believe in the education process and understand that many companies will benefit from our experience. Our consultants, identify, analyse and resolve issues, situations that will drive and direct your business forward.

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    Technical Services to streamline operations

    Our Technical services can help improve current processes and procedures within your organisation. From Customer services to Fault Resolution, we can implement structured methodologies to bring out the best of your business.


Software Services

Annecto Telecom offer a whole variety of software solutions for the Telecoms industry. From WholeSale Billing, LCR management tools and Next Generation Calling card platforms, we have software that can make life easier.Develop with Confidence


Technical Expertise

From Switches to Servers, Linux to Windows we have in-house expertise to make your system run smoothly. Our technical team are experts at the art of integration and make your systems work in harmony.See what we can do



Knowing the right thing to do at the right time is an artform in itself. Our experienced team of consultants are always available to help customers and clients maximise profits.Get in touch

Software Solutions for your business

Finding Intelligent software solutions for your Telecoms business can be a hard and costly experience. At Annecto we source, test and implement cutting edge solutions to streamline day to day business processes and increase efficency. With our strategic partners, we are able to evaluate your requirements and deliver software solutions that reduce workload and provide ROI benfits, at the same time.

Wholesale, Retail and Mobile

Contact us to find out how we can help move your forward.

  • Multi Vendor / Supplier Billing Solutions
  • Mobile Subscriber Management Systems
  • Revolutionary Calling Card Platforms
  • Intelligent Least Cost Routing software
  • Revenue Generating Mobile Content Delivery System
  • Least Cost Routing Intelligence

Technical Expertise to solve problems

Smart implementation of technology is necessary to run a successful Telecoms company. Having the right team and technology in place is the key to keep your business running. We have the knowledge and expertise to solve your problems how ever complicated they may be.

Hardware, Software and Communication

When you need technical help, its good to know you can turn to us.

  • Extensive Switching Knowledge
  • Controlled NOC services
  • Software Development and product life-cycle management
  • Linux, Microsoft and Open Source Expertise
  • Innovating Mobile Communications

Consultancy to drive your business forward

Having a birds eye view of your business provides a valuable insight into any business. Our consultancy services provide information that make hard decisions, a little bit easier. Evaluating, identifying and resolving current business issues is what we do.

Making the Right Decision

From Stratergy through to Project Management we offer Sales, Operational and Technical consultancy that will save you money.

  • Manage your LCR & Maximise your Routing
  • Under Budget and On-time Project Management
  • Strategy and Direction
  • Making a difference to the bottom line
  • Process Mapping and Refinement