Annecto Telecom

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    Wholesale Termination

    With over 180 Interconnects, we terminate traffic Worldwide. Whether you require quality CLI, ASR, ACD or down right dirty routes we can accomodate your wholesale needs.

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    Platinum Routing

    Platinum Routing is ideal for network operators whose retail subscribers demand the highest quality and enhanced features (such as CLI) with competitive market rates.

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    Retail Routing

    Retail Routing is designed for network operators whose retail subscribers expect high QoS at competitive market rates.

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    Wholesale Routing

    Our Wholesale Routing is popular with providers whose wholesale and retail customers require stable QoS with aggressive market-based pricing.


Quality Network

Annecto have invested millions of pounds in infrastructure and systems to support wholesale voice. With built in resillience, multi vendor switches, we take pride in our network and the quality of our switching capabilities. Interconnect now



With Wholesale margins decreasing minute-by-minute a robust LCR system is essential to make money. With our LCR, QoS & reporting systems we tick all the boxes to make wholesale voice a successful and profitable business. Get in Touch


NOC Support

Most people have a support structure but not many have a pro-active NOC. We have invested in people and system to reduce the amount of problems and also speed up the time to resolution. The way a NOC should be! Read More

International Wholesale Voice Telecoms Carrier

Annecto Telecom was founded in 2003 and very quickly developed a booming business. Making a profit since launching services, Annecto is considered one of its kinds in the telecommunications industry. Due to excellent payment records and security measures Annecto meets every carrier’s standard with the intention of maintaining thriving business relationships.

A World-Class facility based Wholesale carrier with over 150 active carriers interconnects allowing us to carry millions of minutes through our network every day.

Partnered with some of the largest Tier 1's and specialist niche carriers around the world we offer our customers the best pricing & quality for numerous directs in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and USA.

Annecto Top Routes

Some of our top routes are below. Contact us to see how we can meet your targets

  • UK
  • Syria
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Nigeria
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • Nepal
  • Algeria
  • Malaysia
  • Iraq
  • Phillipines
  • Saudi
  • Syria
  • Vietnam

Annecto's Resilient Network

State of the art network consisting of latest carrier grade switching platforms.

Platforms enable the secure interworking of voice and multimedia sessions between diverse IP networks in a variety of applications.

Our Network is the "best-in-class" to allow unified operation, administration, maintenance and provisioning for a wholesale business.

Such a network provides many benefits to service providers such as new sources of revenue, accelerated time-to-market for new services, reduced operational expenses and increased end user satisfaction.

Wholesale switching you can rely on!

Some of our network partners and strengths

  • Genband
  • Digitalk
  • NexTone
  • Cisco
  • IBM Server Farm
  • VMWare environment
  • Dialogic

Least Cost Routing and Pricing Optimization

With our LCR Management systems, Carrier rates are seamlessly managed and intelligently analysed to allow for maximisation of quality and profit.

Such a network provides many benefits to service providers such as new sources of revenue, accelerated time-to-market for new services, reduced operational expenses and increased end user satisfaction.

Maximising your margins

Annecto’s state-of-the-art network allows it’s NOC to:

  • Ability to create multiple products to offer wide variety of service levels
  • Wholesale, Retail, Platinum, MVNO routing & pricing
  • Real Time Traffic & Financial Reporting of the millions of minutes over the network
  • Credit control for all customers and automatic cut-off for prepaid wholesale customers
  • Automatic report generation for each level of the organisation

NOC & QoS support

We combine over 15 years experience at the top of our industry and the expertise to provide our clients with ultimate reliability, connectivity and business continuity.

Our Network Operation Centre (NOC) constantly monitors the state of our network, which again enables our organizational control mechanisms to react immediately to any disturbance there might be on the network. This is further proof of our high quality service.

Here to solve your problems

Annecto’s state-of-the-art network allows it’s NOC to carry out:

  • Network surveillance
  • Dedicated probe systems to monitor performance, quality of network and carriers.
  • Real Time Traffic monitoring & optimization
  • Trouble Ticketing System to ensure excellent customer experience and ticket resolution
  • Quality Control & Testing Platforms